Z Stages


High-grade aluminum Z axis stage 30×30 (Symmetric type)
Estimate separately
Travel ±3mm
Table size 30mm×30mm

Product documentation


Is a stage that combine rigidity, light weight aluminum alloy material and main method HG-VCR.
There can be configured symmetric standard type, is symmetric.
Feed system is standard micro, micro-fine pitch.
There are clamp plate clamp, the clamp operation side.
Precision positioning applications widely available cameras, sensors, such as work.


Direction of travel Z axis one direction
Table size 30mm×30mm
Clamp method Clamp plate
Mounting position Side
Transfer mechanism MHT3-6.5FP (Fine pitch micrometer head)
Travel ±3mm
Lead of actuator 0.1mm
Scale interval Micrometer head 0.002mm
Minimum resolution 0.001mm
Guiding method HG-VCR (V-grooved and Crossed rollers)
Travel accuracy HV Straightness (horizontal and vertical) 0.002mm
Travel accuracy YP Yawing 20sec, Pitching 30sec
Moment rigidity Yawing rigidity 1.00sec/N・cm, Pitching rigidity 1.00sec/N・cm, Rolling rigidity 1.00sec/N・cm
Perpendicularity 0.080mm
Running Perpendicularity 0.030mm
Squareness 0.05mm (Single Z-axis bracket)
Load capacity 19.6N (2kgf)
Weight 0.07kg
Material / Surface treatment Aluminum alloy / Black Alumite
Standard accessories Mounting screw : Hexagon socket head cap screw M2, 2 screws