Desktop type Vibration-Isolation Base


Desktop type vibration-isolation base (rubber vibration-isolation)
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Plate size(Width×Depth) 500mm×600mm

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This is economical desktop vibration-isolation base. It is eqquipped with special rubber vibration-isolator and is an orifice inside each vibration-isolator. So, That effects smooth vibration damping, same as air spring.


Height 55mm (no load)
Plate size(Width×Depth) 500mm×600mm
Load capacity 50kg
Resonant frequency Vertical direction Approx. 3Hz
Resonant frequency Horizontal direction Approx. 6Hz
Plate material Steel (SPCC)
Pressure requirement Unnecessary
Weight 14kg
Supplemental note Application examples:optical microscopes, surface testers, various kinds of measuring and weighing instruments