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Single mode green laser
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Wavelength 532nm
Output power 150mW

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This is DPSS , 532nm wave length green laser.


Wavelength 532nm
Output power 150mW
Spatial mode TEM00(M2<1.1)
State of polarization Longitudinal single mode
Beam waist diameter(1/e2) 0.32±0.02mm
Beam waist position 30±5mm (from window to radiation direction)
Beam divergence angle <2.5mrad
Beam circularity 1±0.1
Power stability ≦±2%(>8hour)(<±0.5%@constant temperature)
Noise <0.2%rms(10Hz~100MHz)
Pointing stability <6μrad/℃
Line width <10MHz(<0.01pm)
Wavelength drift <50MHz/℃
Polarization ratio >100:1 (vertical)
Warm-up time <5分 (power-on), <10秒(stan-by mode)
Beam height 19mm
Operation temperature Laser head:10 to 40℃(<80%RH), controller:10 to 45℃(<90%RH)
Storage temperature -20℃ to +60℃(<90%RH, no condensation)
Cable length 1m
Beam alighnment tolerance Output position accuracy<±0.5mm、output angular accuracy<±5mrad
Dimensions of the oscillator 95mm×28mm×36.5mm
Dimensions of power supply 138mm×99.4mm×33.5mm
Input voltage +5V DC±5%(ripple<3%p-p)
Electrical power consumption <35W
Interface Laser ON and OFF, output power adjustment, output power monitering, LD erctric cuurent monitoring, laser OK signal, LD alarm signal
Class of JIS 3B
Supplemental note ※Heat sink is necessary for using. ※Domestic sales only in Japan.