Parameter Sheet

Parameter Sheet

Chuo Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. judge the product in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law.
As of January 22, 2020, many products of our company are excluded or excluded from the items 1 to 15 in the Export Trade Control Order Appended Table 1 and the Foreign Exchange Ordered Schedule.
Everything except those falling under paragraphs 1 to 15 falls under catch-all regulations.

Depending on the product, it may take some time (about 1 to 4 weeks) to issue the Parameter Sheet.
Therefore, if you know that you want to export, we recommend that you request the issue immediately.

Judgment of necessity of export application etc. should be made by yourself after checking the relevant laws and regulations.
Please refer to the list as reference.

If you would like to request the parameter sheet for each product, please fill out the necessary information on the request sheet and request it to our sales department.

Update April 25, 2023

Update January 22, 2020

Update April 2, 2019

Update March 28, 2019

Update March 25, 2019

Update January 18, 2019

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