About Motorized Stage

What kind of motorized stages do you have?

We have the products for the various movement directions such as X (direct-acting 1-axis), XY (direct-acting 2-axis), Z (direct-acting 1-axis, the elevator type and horizontal movement type stage surfaces), rotation, and oblique.

We provide multiple models and products of different sizes of the stage surface, amount of movement, and precision.

Please advise us about precision.

There are items such as precision of positioning, repetition precision, straightness, yawing and pitching, lost motion, orthogonality of X and Y, run-out, face deflection, precision of center of rotation, and moment rigidity.

The values of precision are one of the guidelines to select the product which fits with the purpose of use.

See here for each item of precision.

The stage purchased does not run.

Please confirm it with the following procedure.

  1. Is the stage and controller driver connected properly?
    Please re-check the connection of the connecters of the stage and controller driver for looseness or disconnection.
  2. Are the parameters set correctly?
    For the controller driver of our QT-A/QT series, a variety of settings are available so that it can support various kinds of stages. You need to make settings to fit to each stage before using it. If QT-ADL1, QT-ADM2, QT-AMH2, or QT-ADM3 is used for the controller driver, batch data input is possible by using the connecting stage selection function. Please see the controller’s Instruction Manual for how to set the connecting stage selection.
  3. After initialization by pressing on the reset button, make the parameter settings again.
    Initialize the contents of the memory with the reset button in the control driver, and then make parameter settings again.
  4. If the stage still does not run, please contact the Sales Department. It also provides technical support. Make inquiries here.

Is it possible to use the stage in a vacuum?

It is possible by changing the grease. Please contact us since the handling will vary depending on the degree of vacuum. Make inquiries here.

About controllers and controller-related software

What types of controllers / controller drivers do you have and how should we select one?

Our products are broadly classified into 3 types: the controller driver in which the programming functions and the driver to run the stage are incorporated, the driver in which no driver is incorporated, and the driver only to run the stage.

We have the control drivers of the 1-axis type with built-in standard driver, the 2-axis type with built-in standard driver, the high-functionality 2-axis type with built-in micro-step driver, and the 3-axis type with built-in standard driver.

For the controllers with built-in programming function, we have the 6-axis controller, which is used in conjunction with the driver box / driver unit.

For the driver to run the stage, we have the driver box and driver unit.

We also have the operation box and analog joystick to operate the controller / controller driver.

Is it possible to control the stage through communications?

It is possible.

Although communication functions equipped vary depending on the product, the command typed communications are possible using the communication devices supporting RS-232C, Ethernet, or GP-IB. For details, please see the Instruction Manual of the control driver. You can also download the Instruction Manual (PDF format) from the “Product Information” page. The Product Information page is here.

Do you have programming software?

In the QT-A series controller drivers, the programming editor called “QT-EDIT” is included in the CD-ROM which is attached as standard. You can program various operations of the stage and forward them to the controller on your PC. For the details of the software, please see here.

Do you have a sample program?

Yes, we do. For details, please see the download page.

About manual stages

Is it possible to freely combine axes which we wish to use?

It is possible.

It is possible to combine the products of X, XY, Z, rotation, and oblique movement directions respectively. However, a spacer for relay may be required depending on the difference in sizes and direction combination. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to use the stage in the clean room?

You can use it in the clean room of up to class 100.

Is it possible to use the stage in a vacuum?

It is possible by changing the grease. Please contact us since the handling will vary depending on the degree of vacuum. Make inquiries here.

Is it possible to change the position of handles, micrometers, and clamp screws?

It is possible. Please contact us with your desired product and the contents you wish to change.

Make inquiries here.

About precision vibration-isolation bases and surface plates

Is it possible to freely select the size of vibration-isolation bases and surface plates?

We can manufacture the vibration-isolation bases and surface plates with different sizes and specification other than those of the standard products provided in the catalog. In addition, we can support granite surface plate.Please contact us. Make inquiries here.

Would you install them at the place we use and make adjustment of them on delivery?

Since the vibration-isolation bases and surface plates have large dimension and are heavy, the extra charge will be billed for shipping. In addition, since carry-in and installation will occur for the vibration-isolation base, we will estimate costs separately.
Please inform us of the presence of an elevator and its size, width and gradient of the stairs if used, the floor number, presence of the door at the installation site and its size, conditions of the installation site, presence of air supply, etc. as detailed as possible. Make inquiries here.

About optics and various types of holders

For the lenses and mirrors, is it possible to support special coating and the ones with different sizes?

We can manufacture the products with multi-coating with specified wavelength and supporting special size. Please contact us. Make inquiries here.

Is it possible to consult you about the experimental systems such as an interferometer using lasers?

Yes. We will offer the configuration such as examples of combination of our products. Make inquiries here.

About machine tool's microscopes

Please advise us the combination of the magnifying power (of the object lens and eye-piece).

You can select x10 or x20 for the eye-piece and x1, x2, x3, x5, x10, or x20 for the object lens. As the overall power, combination can be made between x10 and x400.

The details are provided in the Technical Information. The details of combination of the magnifying powers are provided here.

Is it possible to use the CCD camera?

Only CCD camera of C mount-type is available.

There are 3 methods to use the CCD camera.

  1. Installing the camera using the TV adapter (separately available) instead of the eye-piece
  2. Using the product with C-mount for the body tube itself
  3. Using the product with both C-mount and eye-piece

Please see also the Technical Information here.

What kind of lighting do you have?

As the light source, there are LED, halogen lamp, and tungsten lamp. Please see also the Technical Information here.

Do you have the stand to hold the machine tool's microscopes?

Different kinds of stands are provided such as the magnet-typed stand and the stand with XYZ adjustment function.

For the product information, please see here.

What kind of microscopes do you have in addition to machine tool’s microscopes?

The centering microscope which can be installed on the machine tool using the shank and fit the core.

The roll scope, a erect type metallurgical microscope which observation can be done by putting the main unit directly onto the sample.

For details, please see the product information here.

About machine tool's projectors

What kind of machine tool’s projectors do you have?

We have organized the information in the “Technical Information” that is easy to understand. For details, please see here.

Is it possible to change the magnifying power and working distance?

The standard magnifying power is x10 and x20. There is the technical limitation for changing the magnifying power and working distance to those other than the standard. Please contact us separately. Make inquiries here.

How should we retain the stage?

We can provide the supporter which can be used for retaining the stage. For details, please see here.

About the product information of the supporter, please seehere.


We would like to request for the document to determine if CHUO PRECISION INDUSTRIAL's products are relevant to the export regulation. How should we request for it?

Please download the “Application for Parameter Sheet” from the “Download” page, provide necessary information to it, and then send it to our Sales Department.

You can download the “Application for Parameter Sheet” here.

Can we process the products?

We don’t recommend it since additional process to the stages would cause a play or affect the precision. If you indicate the place to be processed in advance, we will process it. Please consult us separately. Make inquiries here.

Where are CHUO PRECISION INDUSTRIAL's products used?

Examples of usage of our products are introduced here.

Is custom-made order supportable?

Custom-made orders can be considered. Please inform us Sales Department.
We have organized some examples of the custom-made products. Please see here.

We also organized the information of our product warranty. Please see here as well.

How can we request for repair?

Please request for repair to the dealer you purchased. Otherwise please consult here.

Is RoHS supported?

If the RoHS mark is affixed to the product information, the product complies with the RoHS directive. For the products to which it has not yet been affixed, it will be supported successively to them. Please contact us separately.

Also please seehere for our efforts for the RoHS directive.

We would like to see CHUO PRECISION INDUSTRIAL's products. Where can we see them?

We are providing several demo items. For details, please contact us Sales Department.

Can we use the products in the place where it is subject to water, oil, or dust?

Please contact our Sales Department for the usage conditions. Make inquiries here for our products.

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