Message from President

Message from President

Greetings From the President

Chuo Precision Industrial Co., Ltd

Masayuki Niikawa

After establishment in 1955, Chuo Precision Industrial Co,. Ltd have used their steady growth to achieve their own unique accomplishments as a member of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering. Based on our “Tool Scope” brand of industrial microscopes, our design, manufacturing, and sales of optical measuring instruments has become the foundation for our large loyal customer base.
In 1964, we were inducted into the Japan Optical Measuring Instruments Manufacturers' Association and put a great amount of effort into development within the industry.

Our range of optical units, including the general-purpose holographic interferometer which was developed in 1967, is being used by the vast majority of research institutions and universities throughout Japan. 
We greatly value all our current loyal customers and we are forever striving to develop new products to meet the strict demands of a new generation.

We have advanced our highly acclaimed precision manual and motorized stage units to meet the demands of our customers, and we have continued onward to launch the Mechatronics Motorized stage system, complete with newly added features.
In 2008, we were able to develop our original “HG-VCR” guidance system that achieves high precision, high rigidity, and high load resistance. This was added to our manual and motorized High Grade Stage lineup.

Moreover, we enriched our easy-to-use and devoted to practical product line for not only meet the expectations of our Japanese engineers but those of engineers of all countries in the world.

In 2015, marking our 60th anniversary of foundation a new catalog was issued. With “A stage that does not move after adjustment” a new and completely unique line-up to Fix Stages was added and allows a support of up to 6 axis configuration: X / XY / Z lifting / rotation / tilt / two axis tilt.
Our straight measuring instrument “Straighter” – which was awarded the promotion price for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion – was reborn from using a laser detecting four error elements simultaneously in linear motion to a full-scale measuring device with a five times larger measure distance in order to respond to tool and testing devices manufacturer needs.
Our Auto-Focus Microscope (Wide-Field Type) leads the industry both in Japan and overseas as an Auto-Focus System for a wide magnification from macro to micro by corresponding to large camera imaging surfaces.

We are continually moving forward while being faithful to our corporate philosophy of “Science Spirit” and “Independence Spirit”. 
From now on, we here at Chuo Precision Industrial are striving to push forward while building up a vast collection of knowledge in order to meet the expectations of all of those around us.
We look forward to your continued guidance and support.
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