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Approaches to RoHS Directive

Approaches to RoHS Directive

Approaches by Chuo Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

The products we handle fall under Category 9 “Industrial monitoring and control equipment” of the European RoHS2 Directive, and since 2005 we have been selling products that meet the content standards for six regulated substances, including lead.
In the Official Gazette (EU) 2015/863 promulgated in June 2015, four new phthalate esters have been added.
In order to meet the requirements of customers exported to Europe, we conducted a non-use (non-inclusion) investigation of 10 RoHS 2 regulated substances in the products we handle.
As a result, products whose restricted substances of the European RoHS Directive are below the allowable value (or less than the allowable value when applicable items are exempted) are listed as "European RoHS 10 substance-free (non-containing) products" in the products listed in the WEB catalog , RoHS2 mark was displayed.
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