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Vacuum pumps(With switch)
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Classification AdsorptionVacuum pumps

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It is a combination of a small vacuum pump and a suction changeover switch.
Adsorption can be turned on and off without using the power switch of the vacuum pump.
A suction changeover switch and one air hose (outer diameter φ6 mm, inner diameter φ4 mm) are included.


Classification AdsorptionVacuum pumps
Ultimate vacuum -33.3kPa(-250mmHg)
Discharge air content 6L/min
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz 15W
Power cable length 2.5m(Cab tire cord with plug)
Outside dimension(mm) W91mm×D135mm×H146mm(Vacuum pump only)
Weight 1.5kg(Vacuum pumps)
Supplemental note Connect the ON side of the suction changeover switch to the vacuum pump.

Example of use